The Dingle Family, June 2009

David had three siblings: John Dingle, Janet Dingle Kent and Laura Dingle. He has a wife, Susan; and five children from two previous marraiges: Michael Howard Dingle; Leslie Rodgers Carrere; Jeffrey Luce Dingle; Christopher Burnaby Dingle; and Mark Edward Dingle; and a stepson, Jacob Grathwohl Koprowski.


David has fifteen grandchildren: Clara Dingle; Sierra and Alize Carrere; Liza, Clare and Jeremy Dingle; Cordelia, Conrad and Chas Dingle; Alexandra and Nicholas Dingle; and Chloe, Taylor, Coby and Tanner Koprowski.


David’s family also includes nieces and nephews, Linda Kent Boothby, Susan Kent, Larry Kent, Peter Dingle, Amy Ivy, Laura Avery, and Rebecca Dingle.


As David’s photo album shows, this is a lively group. It will be remembered that when the family had reunions at Leslie’s lake house, in Jim Thorpe, Pa., or at other family homes, the gathering was called a “Dingle Mingle,” and featured a group shot of the extended family, and sometimes the extended extended family, including all spouses! The family’s Christmas parties are often known as the “Dingle Jingle.” David chose these pictures, as some of his favorite memories.